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Apr. 2nd, 2012 03:30 pm
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MUN: [personal profile] twistingkage
AIM: twistingkage
PLURK: [plurk.com profile] twistingkage
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"Hey, this is Kirino Ranmaru. It looks like I'm not able to pick up the phone right now, so if you leave a message, I'll get back to you as soon as I can!"

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At some point, Kirino got tired of adventuring, so he took up residence in Driftveil City. Of course, just living in one spot and not doing anything tends to get a little boring, so he started making food and drinks for Pokemon consumption! Most of these things he sells out of his house, but he also can be found at the Pokeathlon Dome often, selling ApriJuice!
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(Unlike with Kirino's United One CR chart, I'll be separating this one into comments!
Credit for the code goes to the wonderful[community profile] tookthestars)
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CONTACT: twistingkage (AIM), blazewingknife@hotmail.com (email), [plurk.com profile] twistingkage
PERSONAL JOURNAL: [personal profile] twistingkage

This took entirely far too long. )
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Out of Character Information
Contact: twistingkage @ AIM, [plurk.com profile] twistingkage, [personal profile] twistingkage (OOC journal)
Current Characters: None!
Do you need a Dreamwidth Invite? Nope~
In-Character Information
Kirino Ranmaru
Series: Inazuma Eleven GO
Canon-Point: Prior to the Arakumo Gakuen match
History: Ignore anything past Episode 37, since that’s irrelevant to his canon point.
Personality: Kirino is one pretty chill kid. Things don't get under his skin easily, but if they somehow do, he usually tries to not let it show. There is one exception in the form of Kariya Masaki and his antics, but by the canon point I'm taking Kirino from, he's built up something of a tolerance to that. When something does force him to lose his cool, however, it's always obvious that he's irritated. He tries to at least seem calm, however this is often betrayed by his generally being irritable and snappish. As a rule though, he's serious, calm, and rational, preferring to think his actions through. He doesn’t particularly like fighting and would much rather talk things out than immediately jump to violence. That being said, he isn’t afraid to confront people if he feels it’s necessary.

Unfortunately, Kirino's somewhat indecisive and has a tendency to overthink things (such as whether or not to join Tenma, Shinsuke and Shindou in their rebellion against Fifth Sector). However, he did initially give consideration to going against Fifth Sector when many of the other members either completely opposed it or just didn't care. Kirino is also very loyal, caring, and patient. He was one of the only few Raimon members who at least tried to be kind to Tenma when he first joined and he often shows concern over Shindou, his best friend. Another one of Kirino's problems is with bottling things up. He refuses to break his calm facade over most things and tends to not let others know what's on his mind or his true feelings about the situation. He makes a point to be rational and objective. Again, Kariya is usually the exception.
Powers: In Inazuma Eleven, almost every character that can play soccer has access to hissatsu techniques. Kirino has two that he makes use of in the anime, and an additional one that he uses in the games. Kirino will not be able to use his game hissatsu (Melody Wave), however he will be able to use his two anime techniques, which are called The Mist and Deep Mist. Unsurprisingly, both techniques revolve around summoning mist to obscure the opponent’s vision. In-game, if Kirino were to use these techniques, he’d only be able to summon a puff of mist rather than cover an entire soccer field with it.
Starter Pokemon: Swablu
Writing Samples
First-Person Sample:
… I can’t be wasting time here. I need to go home. [His words aren’t directed to anyone in particular. One might assume he’s talking to the Swablu that’s in his arms.] There’s an important match coming up… If I can’t get back, I’m going to let everyone down… [A pause.] I guess it can’t be helped, huh? I’ll just play the hand I’m given and see where it goes.
Third-Person Sample: This wasn’t his room.

This wasn’t the room of the Raimon soccer club, either. This wasn’t any place he recognized. Kirino pushed himself up, groaning and placing a hand to his head. Where was he? Was this some sort of dream? The pink-haired boy was soon distracted from his thoughts by a soft cooing. Upon looking around, he found the source to be a small bird unlike any he’d seen before. A blue body, white parrot-like beak, two fluffy white wings that looked like clouds, tiny black eyes… and were those antennae on top of its head? Or were they just feathers? Kirino didn’t have the time to find out before the bird let out a happy chirp and fluttered up to perch on his head. He let it be for the moment, thinking over his situation. He was somewhere he didn’t recognize, with a sort of bird that he had never seen before. Not really much to go by. Eventually, he registered that the creature was still perched on his head and seemed quite content. He wasn’t going to try to disturb the bird, but he still had to ask…

“Hey, who said you could sit up there?”
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PHYSICAL CONTACT. A-okay, regardless of intent!
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. Romance is a maybe--I'd rather have it develop naturally, after all! But sexual relations are a no-go, this kid's only 14.
INJURE/KILL. I'd rather we talk it out first before anything major happens! I'm okay with cuts and bruises, but ask before anything more!
THREADJACKING. Go right ahead!
ANYTHING ELSE. One of Kirino's abilities in this AU is seeing into people's souls. He'll likely do this without your character's permission as he's talking to them, so if you'd rather avoid this for any reason at all, please let me know! Otherwise, drop a note here on what Kirino would be seeing!


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